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Small Hydro Competence Centre in Indonesia

Contract: 2005.05
Small Hydropower

Small Hydro Competence Centre in Indonesia

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Infrastructure Oriented Project


Technology :

Small Hydropower

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entec Ltd., St.Gallen;, Martin Bölli

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Swiss Contribution

The Federal Institute of Technology Zürich renewed their hydraulic laboratory in the early 1990s, allowing students to experiment on fluid kinetic machines. However, the situation has since changed and the Institute’s management decided to abandon the functional laboratory. entec Ltd. could obtain all the laboratory equipment, if they would dismantle and remove it from the premises.


Indonesia has huge hydropower potential, which until now, has been tapped mainly by power plants, with capacities of over 1 MW. A local industry specializing in smaller island installations for rural electrification has been established, in parallel. However, product quality is reached for only relatively low power output. For the 100 to 1000 kW range, there is a dependence on imports, which massively increases the current cost price. The project starts at this point, through its aim to promote the development of local know-how, through the use of the equipment with appropriate infrastructure and know-how transfer.

The industry shall have a good way to test and develop their products at the planned competence center. Training and courses shall improve actors knowledge and enable the establishment of a local network. By benefiting from the use of the Federal Institute of Technology Zürich’s former hydraulic laboratory, there is an opportunity to acquire a fully equipped, functional and state-of-the-art turbine laboratory.


The Final Report, “Regionales Kleinwasserkraftkompetenzzentrum in Indonesien (Hycom),” is available at