CEAS - Madagascar III

Pico Hydroelectric Power Plant – Sarobaratra

Contract: 2017.04
Small Hydropower

Pico Hydroelectric Power Plant – Sarobaratra

Project Type :

Pilot Project


Technology :

Small Hydropower

Country :



Project Status :


Project Start :

Juli 2017


End of Project :

May 2020

Partner :

Centre Ecologique Albert Schweitzer (CEAS) / Albert Schweitzer Ecological Center (ASEC),, Daniel Schneider

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Swiss Contribution

The Albert Schweitzer Ecological Center (CEAS/ASEC) has been an active NGO in Africa for over 25 years. It works with local partners in agro-processing, sanitation and renewable energy projects. Through competence transfer and reinforcement, the CEAS/ASEC and its technical partners in Switzerland will contribute their expertise to the engineering, design and local manufacturing of turbines, as well as to the study of the new network to be created.


The economic development of the rice-growing commune of Sarobaratra is at a disadvantage due to the absence of an electricity grid. A pico-hydroelectric power station will be built and commissioned, as well as a new network, created for this village. The Banki-type turbines will be manufactured by local craftsmen. They will benefit from improved skills and competency, thanks to exchanges with Swiss experts. Experience gained from previous REPIC supported projects (contracts n° 2008.08 and 2012.03) will be furthered enhanced. At the project’s end, various actions are already planned to scale up the project’s effects and to ensure their sustainability. For example, income-generating activities will be strengthened, a users’ committee will be formed and a support programme for communal works’ management will be set up.


Inaugurated in August 2019, the 100 kW pico-station has enabled 234 households and more than 30 income-generating activities to benefit directly from the new power grid. The inhabitants of the commune’s two villages, totalling more than 900 households, also benefit from several news services, such as public lighting. A users’ committee composed of 12 members representing both villages has been set up.


Thanks to this multi-stakeholder partnership, households and economic operators in the Fialofa and Sarobaratra fokontany now benefit from a quality, reliable and sustainable electricity supply. In addition, some of the power plant components have been manufactured locally, which guarantee affordable maintenance and local service. Local rice processing has increased thanks to the connection of four rice mills and its costs have decreased.


The final report Pico-centrale hydroélectrique - Sarobaratra is available at A project video is available at