CEAS - Madagascar I

Technical training program for Madagascan craftsmen in the renewable energy sector

Contract: 2008.08
Small Hydropower

Technical training program for Madagascan craftsmen in the renewable energy sector

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Small Hydropower

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Centre Ecologique Albert Schweitzer, Neuchâtel,, Daniel Schneider


Swiss Contribution

The Swiss partner has long standing experience with educational projects in developing countries. Additionally, Swiss technology in micro hydropower will be used.


In Madagascar, mainly non-renewable energy sources are used for energy production today (primarily wood and wood derivates).

CEAS develops and brings to market several technologies for the use of renewable energies (e.g. solar drying) and with the help of its international network has already trained 6 Madagascan craftsmen in these technologies. Simultaneously, Madagascan partners of CEAS have been instructed in the maintenance of PICO hydropower turbines, which are produced by the French-Swiss company AZ Ingéniérie and which have been newly introduced in Madagascar.

Within the project, this know-how shall now be broadened and strengthened; on one hand through the creation of a pilot workshop, which shall assure the continuing training of the craftsmen, and on the other hand, through an active participation in the further development of the PICO turbines in Madagascar (testing, recording of technical problems, inspection of the already installed turbines). As an ultimate objective the project aims at improving the living conditions for Madagascan craftsmen


The Final Report, « Programme de soutien technique de petits producteurs à Madagascar- Secteur des énergies renouvelables », is available at