Small Hydropower

Small Hydro Power (Completed Projects)

CEAS - Madagascar I

Technical training program for Madagascan craftsmen in the renewable energy sector

CEAS - Madagascar II

Small Hydropower in Madagascar

CEAS - Madagascar III

Pico Hydroelectric Power Plant – Sarobaratra

entec - Indonesia

Small Hydro Competence Centre in Indonesia

FHNW - India

Micro Hydropower Units for small villages in Ladakh, Northern India

GFA Entec - Pakistan

Micro Hydropower Resource & Services Center (MRSC)

PamirLink - Tajikistan

Technology and Know How Transfer for Small Hydropower: A Pilot Project in the Pamir Region, Tajikistan

RIDS - Nepal

Modular Pico-Hydropower Plant for the Mohari Village in Jumla