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TakaTaka Solutions : Improving Resource Efficiency in Waste Management

 Contract: 2016.13
Resource Efficiency

TakaTaka Solutions: Improving Resource Efficiency in Waste Management

Project Type :

Establishment of Market Structures


Technology :

Resource Efficiency

Country :



Project Status :


Project Start :

November 2016


End of Project :

May 2018

Partners :

Foundation Myclimate, Zurich,, Tobias Hoeck

© TakaTaka Solutions
©TakaTaka Solutions

Swiss Contribution

The Swiss knowledge transfer should improve the efficiency in recycling implementation for future multiplication of the project. Myclimate is a Swiss NGO and as a technical partner, provides sustainability assessment methods. The Swiss Senior Experts Corps support the social enterprise of TakaTaka Solutions in Kenya with expertise in recycling.


In Kenya, a country with strong population growth, waste management represents one of the greatest challenges. In Nairobi, approximately 2,400 tons of waste are generated every day, with only 38% of the waste being collected and less than 10% being recycled. In an environment where the waste is deposited in landfills, TakaTaka Solutions pursues an alternative approach through sorting, recycling and composting. This project will scale the model by creating the basis for multiplication. The first objective is to improve efficiency in internal operations. The second is an expansion of TakaTaka Solutions’ range services with sustainability assessments. With affordable and eco-friendly services, the expected effects are intended to serve low-income residents, in particular. Further impacts will be the decrease in the amount of waste to be deposited in landfills and the corresponding environmental impacts, as well as the increase in available compost quantities.


The Final Report "TakaTaka Solutions : Improving Resource Efficiency in Waste Management" is available at In addition, a video of the project is available at