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Recycling of Organic Materials

Contract: 2017.06
Resource Efficiency

Recycling of Organic Materials

Project Type:

Pilot Project


Resource Efficiency



Project Status:


Project Start:

February 2017

End of Project:

December 2018


Fair Recycling Foundation ,, Barbara Mettler

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© Fair Recycling

Swiss Contribution

Both Swiss partners, the Fair Recycling Foundation and the Research Institute for Organic Agriculture (FiBL) have many years of experience in industrial composting, as well as projects in international cooperation.


The Chinese agricultural province of Heilongjiang has to deal with poor soil quality. Soil has been over-fertilized and overused as biodiversity regresses. Representatives of Heilongjiang’s businesses, science and politics have asked Fair Recycling to help improve the current situation.

Fair Recycling and FiBL offer consulting services to its Chinese partners in all areas of organic farming, with the focus being on composting of organic materials in this particular project, as well as the upstream and downstream processes. The Swiss partners support the Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences HAAS, in Harbin (capital of the Heilongjiang province), in building a model composting plant and competence center.


There have been considerable interactions among various representatives of the Heilongjiang Province, Fair Recycling and FiBL on exchange visits to both Switzerland and China. The Chinese partner has undertaken the first composting trials in collaboration with the Swiss experts.

Following changes in the local government, the new representatives have downgraded the project’s priority. After analyzing the new situation, the Swiss project partners came to the conclusion that a successful continuation of the work was no longer possible, so that the project had to be terminated.