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Solar Energy Promotion in Sustainable Development Service to Timbuktu

Contract: 2005.03

Solar Energy Promotion in Sustainable Development Service to Timbuktu

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Infrastructure Oriented Projects


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Wirz Solar Ltd., Fredy Wirz
SolSuisse GIE Mali,

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© Wirz Solar

Swiss Contribution

Swiss experience forms this project’s basis for solar water supply systems and education / local know-how promotion, with regard to renewable energies. There is a good partnership with appropriate local partner institutions that are in the project.


The SolSuisse Mali Pilot Project promotes the development of a locally anchored market and infrastructure for solar energy in northern Mali and sends a signal to private sector investment in the hitherto neglected area in and around Timbuktu. Access to (renewable) energies creates better access to economic innovation, improved livelihoods, improved education and training, job creation and local markets, as well as improving living standards, and ultimately, the consolidation of peace in the region. This project includes the construction of a training center for local solar technicians, a sales and maintenance network, the installation of 2000 solar home systems in the Timbuktu region, the construction of 8 solar village water supply systems, as well as assistance in the development of a locally anchored micro financial system.


The Final Report, “Förderung der Solarenergie für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung in Timbuktu, Mali”, is available at