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Preparation for the Mali Solar Pump Project’s Multiplication in Haiti

Contract: 2011.16

Preparation for the Mali Solar Pump Project’s Multiplication in Haiti

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Pilot Project


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WirzSolar GmbH, Sissach, Fredy Wirz

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© WirzSolar

Swiss Contribution

WirzSolar GmbH has a long lasting concrete experience with solar pump projects in developing countries, especially in Mali, where there have already been such projects supported by REPIC.


In Haiti, solar pumps can be applied in an optimal and sustainable way to replace the expensive and widely used distribution of drinking water by cistern-cars (Watertrucking) and to cheaply deliver more clean drinking water in existing or now newly constructed fountains.

This project includes a clarification and preparation mission for a possibly larger solar pump project from 2012 on, in Haiti. Together with the local water authorities DINEPA and UNICEF, a program for national education of local technicians and raising awareness of all actors shall be elaborated on during these two months, profiting from the experiences of WirzSolar and Solsuisse in Mali. In addition, concrete improvements in the drinking water supply shall be obtained especially in schools in the Leogane earthquake region through the application of 3 demonstration solar pump systems and the test of 3 mini solar pumps developed in Switzerland, for equipping hand pumps.

The planned south-south know-how-transfer of the experiences in Mali with education of national water authorities DINEPA, UNICEF, WASH NGO partners and local water commissions through WirzSolar and an experienced Solsuisse technician are the components for a successful continuation and multiplication of the experiences from the REPIC supported Mali solar pump project.


The Final Report, „Vorbereitung zur Multiplikation des Mali-Solarpumpenprojekts in Haiti“, is available at