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Kenyan Solar Lending

 Contract: 2016.03

Kenyan Solar Lending

Project Type :

Pilot Project


Technology :


Country :



Project Status :


Project Start :

February 2016


End of Project :

May 2017

Partners :

Venture South International,, George Petty

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Swiss Contribution

Venture South is a lender with many years of experience in providing financial services to small and medium-sized companies in the Philippines and Colombia. The Swiss Solar Energy Foundation (project partner) has been successfully working in the area of solar energy for over 10 years in different developing countries’ rural regions.


Up until now, “pay as you go” or “pay-to-own” systems for solar home systems (SHS) have been linked to specific products, which constitute a financing hurdle to financial service providers.

Within the framework of this REPIC project, Venture South and the Solar Energy Foundation launch the products’ independent payment system (PayControl) which builds upon the basis of the Solar Energy Foundation’s “SunControl” current payment system.

On one hand, the objectives are to facilitate market access for SHS funding by financial services and on the other hand, to extend the available product range for customers. During the course of the project, ten Solar Centers shall be opened in Kenya and several hundred loans for SHS shall be granted.


The final report “Kenyan Solar Lending” is available at