IWÖ-HSG / Trunz - Kenya

Developing a Business Model for Solar Powered WaterShops in Kenya

Contract: 2011.12

Developing a Business Model for Solar Powered WaterShops in Kenya

Project Type :

Financing Model, Establishment of Market Structures


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Partner :

Trunz WaterShop Consortium c/o IWÖ-HSG, Universität St.Gallen,,, Christoph Birkholz


Swiss Contribution

The underlying technology for water purification comes from the Swiss technology partner Trunz Water Systems which has experience from many existing installations in 35 countries.


The project aims to develop a business model and to create a business plan for solar powered WaterShops in Kenya. Based on first experiences in the Ukunda/ Diani region (35km south of Mombasa), the parameters of a financially, socially and environmentally viable business case will be evaluated in order to enable piloting and scaling-up of WaterShops. The shops will be operated by local entrepreneurs. Its underlying technology from Trunz Water Systems is already operating in over 35 countries. The business modelling will be based on analyses of locations in Kenya, starting in the coastal Ukunda/ Diani region, 35km south of Mombasa, where there is preliminary experience. The scope of the analyses will be extended to locations in the entire country (e.g., Lake Turkana region in the north). Economic and financial viability as well as employment creation are the major drivers for the WaterShop concept. Its replication by local micro-entrepreneurs in a franchise (or equivalent) system is at the core of the project. The project will be co-developed by Trunz Water Systems (Switzerland), Tomash International Ltd. (Kenya) and researchers from University of St.Gallen, ETH Zurich, Copenhagen Business School and University of Freiburg i.Br.


The Final Report, „Developing a Business Model for Solar-Powered Watershops in Kenya“, is available at