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Solar Powered Drinking Water Supply in Brazil

Contract: 2009.11

Solar Powered Drinking Water Supply in Brazil

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Feasibility Study


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Ecogeo GmbH, Bern,, Ernesto Moeri
Trunz Water Systems AG, Arbon,, Peter Wochele

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© Ecogeo

Swiss Contribution

On one hand, Swiss partners control the technical solution of the project and on the other hand, the project will be realized by Brazilian and Swiss consulting companies


Clean water supply is a fundamental basic necessity which is nevertheless not accessible in many areas in Brazil, particularly in the dry northeast and the Amazon region.

The Brazilian government initiative, “Água Doce,” could not eradicate the present deficiencies. Many springs were put out of service because of salt water intrusion or lack of maintenance. The absence of functional water preparation leads to epidemics, pauperization and rural depopulation.

The plan's long-term goal is to find a solution with modern, low maintenance and energy autarkic technology. Solar powered desalination and preparation installation with a Swiss reverse osmotic system will be employed.

In a first step the technology shall be brought close to selected communes with the aid of a demonstration installation. In cooperation with these com-munes, sample problem saving methods will be acquired. These activities will be accompanied by discussions with governmental authorities and financing partners.


The Final Report, „Solarbetriebene Trinkwasserversorgung in Problemgebieten Brasiliens: Potenzial- und Marktstudie“, is available at