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Mobisol: Affordable Solar Home Systems

Contract: 2011.24

Mobisol: Affordable Solar Home Systems

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Pilot Project


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DT Power GmbH, Zug, Thomas Gottschalk (Mobisol, Berlin,;
Dirk Junghans (Taiga Elements GmbH, Zug,

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© DT-Power

Swiss Contribution

DT-Power is a young start-up who was founded in 2011 in Zug, Switzerland. The project team has several years of experience in the field of renewable energy.


In Kenya electrification is developed mainly in the urban regions. The Mobisol Project addresses the demand for affordable renewable energy in rural regions. The pilot project will test 100 solar home systems that are equipped with an integrated GSM mobile modem to enable a pay-as-you-go payment method and a remote maintenance service. The telecommunication companies have a strong dealer network throughout the country which can be used for the distribution, the payment method and the maintenance service. The aim of this pilot project is to test the functional aspects of the Mobisol solar home system (SHS) including the business case and the acceptance of the billing system by the user. Mobisol was developed to solve the critical problems in affordability both for the customer and the investor.


The Final Report, „Mobisol Project: Affordable Solar Home Systems“, is available at