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Tiny Grids for Very Basic Electricity Needs


Contract: 2015.08

Tiny Grids for Very Basic Electricity Needs

Project Type :

Pilot Project


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Projektstart :

Juni 2015


End of Project :

August 2017

Partners :

Dasag Energy Engineering Ltd., Seuzach,,
Anandi Meili-Sharan

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Swiss Contribution

Dasag is a 35 year old Swiss company with a track record in the field of renewable energy technologies (RETs) and rural development. It will provide managerial, technical, and engineering guidance for the DESI Power team. Dasag is also contributing their knowledge of the UNFCCC process for registering the envisaged 1000 Tiny Grid project as a CDM project.


India urgently needs efficient agricultural irrigation systems but this has to be done within the constraints of rural poverty and climate change. Current schemes do not meet the requirements of the unserved small farmers and households in rural areas.

The aim of this project is to set up 40 Tiny Grids for irrigation and lighting and mobile charging based on photovoltaic (PV) power with battery storage. The connected equipment consists of LED lights, efficient water pumps and sockets for mobile charging. The 40 Tiny Grids of 1.2 kW each will be set up for 30 groups of up to around 15 farmers each in villages and 10 groups of 15 households and shops each in one town.

In the second year of the Dasag-REPIC project, Dasag will write a Business Plan with the assistance of Swiss experts, to examine how to finance another 1000 Tiny Grids.


The Final Report "Tiny Grids for Very Basic Electricity Needs" is available at