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OOLUX – Field Test of an Advanced Solar Power Kit in Uganda

Contract: 2014.06

OOLUX – Field Test of an Advanced Solar Power Kit in Uganda

Project Type :

Pilot Project


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Project Status :


Project Start :

May 2014


End of Project :

May 2015

Partners :

Antenna Technologies, Genf,, Christophe Hug,
Berner Fachhochschule,

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© Antenna Technologies

Swiss Contribution

The Antenna Technologies Foundation is active in a wide range of fields, from agriculture and water purification to solar lightning, within various developing countries. The Bern University of Applied Sciences (BUAS/BFH) provides its know-how in solar electronics and software development areas to this project.


Following an initial test phase of an OOLUX prototype supported by Caritas Switzerland and the Bern University of Applied Sciences during 2012-2013, 400 re-designed and improved OOLUX Solar Kits are in use in the current pilot project in Uganda. The most important new feature being implemented for the first time is the smartphone application for different business models (leasing, renting, purchasing). The local partner Agrinet ( has an extensive agricultural sector network and is responsible for the solar kits’ sales.

On one hand, the feasibility and free-market approach of the newly installed smartphone application shall be verified with this project. On the other hand, the economic efficiency of these solar kits, in terms of mass production and market implementation shall be demonstrated.


The final Report “OOLUX – Field Test of an Advanced Solar Power Kit in Uganda & Kenya”, is available at