UEZ III - Bosnia-Herzegovina

Continuing Education, Training and Coaching Project: "start-up energy+housing"

Contract: 2014.04
Energy Efficiency

Continuing Education, Training and Coaching Project:"start-up energy+housing"

Project Type :

Education and quality control


Technology :

Energy Efficiency

Country :



Project Status :


Project Start :

January 2014


End of Project :

June 2015

Partners :

Förderverein Umwelt- und Energiezentrum Tuzla, Basel, Matthias Zimmermann
Bildungszentrum Polybau, Uzwil,

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Swiss Contribution

The Swiss Association for Development of the Ecology and Energy Center Tuzla (CEETZ) has many years of experience in technical and financial support for projects in Eastern Europe. The Poly-construction Education Center offers a comprehensive programme in the the building envelope occupational area; from vocational education and training, up to higher level professional training.


A new training opportunity as a pilot course at the Ecology and Energy Center Tuzla (CEETZ) ( shall be implemented within the project’s framework. The aim is the long-term establishment for state-recognized training, in collaboration with state institutions.

This professional training focuses on two educational/training priorities. On one hand, the course covers energy efficiency and renewable energy in housing construction.  On the other hand, there is training for business development of SMEs with accompanied coaching for company creation/structure.

This parallel energy and SME training should facilitate the implementation of putting acquired knowledge into practice.


Final Report, „ Start-up energy+housing: REPIC-Pilotphase 2014”, available on