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Sustainable E-Cab System for City Transport

Contract: 2013.07
Energy Efficiency

Sustainable E-Cab System for City Transport

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Pilot Project


Technology :

Energy Efficiency

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Project Start :

September 2013


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Partners :

Torrex Consulting AG, Fribourg,, Stefan Waldburger

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© Torrex Consulting

Swiss Contribution

Torrex Consulting is a company specialized in the realization of sustainable projects, mainly in the fields of renewable energies, tourism, recycling and healthcare services. The local Torrex subsidiaries guarantee a strong direct link to the Philippines. The technical partner, the Dreifels Company (, is specialized in battery systems which are specially developed for E-mobility issues. Dreifels has long-term experience in electrical vehicles’ development and the operation.


In the Philippines, there are more than 3.5 million conventional fossil fuel powered tricycles for taxi use annually emitting 10 million tons of CO2. The replacement of the polluting, noisy motorcycles and scooters will thus measurably improve quality of life in those cities. About 200,000 of these polluting trikes are used on the roads of the capital Manila.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is working with the Philippines Government to promote the adoption of e-trikes. Ultimately, ADB and the government hope to see 100,000 electric tricycles on the road by 2016.

Torrex and its project partners developed several E-Cabs prototypes. In this REPIC project’s framework, E-Cab business units consisting of a container, E-Cabs, E-scooter and fast charging units will be locally produced and brought to the market. The target groups are taxi owners, tourist offices, hotels or local business people. The units’ maintenance and regular refurbishing make up part of the business concept and will guarantee reliable long-term operation.


The first E-Cabs have been built and tested.  After considerable administrative delays, the necessary registrations and approvals are now expected. The goal in 2018 is to be able to commission a small fleet of E-Cabs in Dumaguete. The project’s objectives could not be met, despite longstanding efforts, and had to be cancelled.