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Top-Ten China

Contract: 2009.02
Energy Efficiency

Topten China

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Establishment of Market Structures


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Energy Efficiency

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Topten International Services, Zürich,, Conrad U. Brunner

© Topten International Services
© Topten International Services

Swiss Contribution

Topten China is based on the Topten project in Switzerland,, an internet platform which was launched in 2000. Today this platform is available in 12 European countries, Therefore, the project can rely on extensive experience in exporting this Swiss product.


China has a huge and heavily growing market for consumer goods that pushes the annual energy and electricity demand increase to 10-15%. Simultaneously, the number of internet users is about 210 million at the moment and continues to grow rapidly.

Therefore, the project Topten China consists of the build up and establishment of a new internet based information platform for energy efficient appliances, vehicles and solar-powered construction elements in China. With a rapidly accessible internet tool, consumers shall gain awareness and can make better decisions in acquiring these goods. This will lead to an expanded consumer demand for efficient products and will in turn also stimulate producers and retailers to manufacture and sell better products. It will also support and speed up the necessary upgrading of existing mandatory labeling and performances standards. In the end, the Topten China project is part of the market transformation effort in China towards energy efficient consumer goods.


The Final Report, „Topten China 2009-2010“, is available at