Introducing Energy Performance Certificates for the Ukraine housing stock

Contract: 2015.03
Energy Efficiency

Introducing Energy Performance Certificates for the Ukraine housing stock

Project Type :

Pilot Project


Technology :

Energy efficiency

Country :



Project Status :


Project Start :

May 2015


End of Project :

March 2017

Partners :

SUPSI-ISAAC, Canobbio,, Massimo Mobiglia, Roman Rudel


Swiss Contribution

The Swiss partner SUPSI-ISAAC has broad experience in the field of renewable energies, particularly photovoltaics and geothermal energy, housing stock refurbishment and energy efficiency assessments, environmental studies and energy policies.


The Ukraine housing stock is relatively old: 42% of total residential buildings have been constructed before 1960 and only 7% after 1991. In particular multi-apartment buildings 30-50 years old, characterized by the use of low-cost, poor quality and untested industrially produced materials, are in bad condition due to poor construction quality and lack of maintenance. Enhancing the energy efficiency of the housing stock in Ukraine is urgently required. It is estimated that heat losses in these buildings amounts to approximately 50%. Life in these buildings is very unhealthy due to low thermal comfort and to the exposure to ecologically unfriendly and hazardous building materials.

This project aims at supporting Ukraine in adopting appropriate tools to assess the energy efficiency of its residential housing stock by employing a contextually adapted version of PETRA. This is a methodology currently used in Switzerland to assess the energy efficiency and refurbishment potential of multi-apartment buildings, which includes the energy performance certificate of a building. Through this project, new skills and knowledge are being offered. These will be adapted to the needs of the Ukrainian partner: integration of data related to Ukrainian standards, technical characteristics and cost corrections; software implementation; training of Ukrainian instructors to use the methodology and assessment of representative buildings in Kiev.


The Final Report "Enhance Energy Efficiency of the Housing Stock in Ukraine through Energy Performance Certificate" is available at