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China Sustainable Energy City

Contract: 2008.05
Energy Efficiency

China Sustainable Energy City

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Feasibility Study


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Energy Efficiency

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Policy Solutions,, Anne Arquit Niederberger
ENCO AG,, Robert Horbaty

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Swiss Contribution

The Energiestadt model has been developed in Switzerland for more than 20 years. In the meantime the European Energy Award, based on Energiestadt, has been introduced to various European countries. Switzerland still pioneers the development of the concept and plays a key role in the quality assurance of the international instruments.


The energy and environmental provisions of China’s 11th Five-Year Plan require, among others, actions by local governments. A quality management (QM) system for public sector energy policy (starting from the Energiestadt label in Switzerland, resp. the European Energy Award in Europe) could be an effective instrument to achieve the formulated energy policy goals on communal level. The project will study the feasibility of such an instrument for China.

The project will be conducted in two phases: in phase 1 the Energiestadt model shall be presented to key stakeholders (especially central and communal governments). If the interest of the Chinese partners would be confirmed during this phase, a feasibility study shall be conducted in the second phase; stating how to adapt the Energiestadt concept, tools and financial models for application in the Chinese context (in order to lay the groundwork for a pilot implementation phase in Chinese cities – not within the scope of this project).


The Final Report, „China Sustainable Energy City“, is available