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Ciudad Energética – Chile’s Sustainable Energy Future

Contract: 2014.07
Energy Efficiency

Ciudad Energética – Chile’s Sustainable Energy Future

Project Type :

Pilot Project


Technology :

Energy Efficiency

Country :



Project Status :


Project Start :

August 2014


End of Project :

June 2016

Partners :

Nova Energie, Basel,, Andreas Meyer Primavesi

© Nova Energie
© Nova Energie

Swiss Contribution

Nova Energie Basel has many years of experience in the energy sector; namely, in the design and implementation of funding programmes, Minergie certification in the sustainable construction sector and the creation of energy concepts. Enco Energie Consulting Ltd., and Ernst Basler and Partner, Chile, have many years of experience in energy projects implementation both in developing and transition countries.


Chile’s economy and prosperity are growing fast, its need for energy is increasing strongly and energy prices are high. As part of the REPIC project, ways are being sought on how the Swiss “Energy City” method can be adapted to the Chilean situation, as well as enabling knowledge and experience transfer from Switzerland. “Energy City” possibilities should be used in Chile’s future, as well as involve local and regional authorities in energy policy and create a basis for solutions to energy problems. The Ciudad Energética programme should be built with support from REPIC and many local partners.


The Final Report, “Ciudad Energética - Nachhaltige Energiezukunft in Chile ” as well as the “detailed project report” are available at