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Pilot Cycle MENA Energy Award Inspired by the European Energy Award (eea)®

Contract: 2012.07
Energy Efficiency

Pilot Cycle MENA Energy Award
Inspired by the European Energy Award (eea)®

Project Type :

Pilot Project


Technology :

Energy Efficiency

Country :



Project Status :


Project Start :

October 2012


End of Project :

October 2014

Partners :

Institute for Development, Environment and Energy (IDE-E),,
Caroline Huwiler


Swiss Contribution

IDE-E knows the context in Morocco very well, thanks to many years of activity there. Additionally, the other Swiss project partner, the Communal Labels Ltd., as the Forum European Energy Award’s Secretariat, has considerable know-how in the Energy City/eea process, as well as its introduction and adaptation for a new country. It has already accompanied numerous countries in this process.


The “European Energy Award,” known as “Energy City,” in Switzerland, is a label as well as a planning instrument and above all, is a process that leads municipalities to sustainable local energy policies. Inspired by the “European Energy Award,” a pilot cycle for the North Africa and Middle Eastern regions (MENA) shall be developed and introduced in Morocco and shall be known as the “MENA Energy Award (MEA).” Through this pilot project, the MEA structure phases shall be built and methodological tools (action plan, evaluation tool) shall be adapted to local conditions as well as applied in three different pilot municipalities.


The Final Report, "MENA Energy Award Maroc – cycle pilote (2012-2014)", is available at IDE-E or In addition, a video of the project is available at