Grütter - International

Promotion of Hybrid and Electric Buses

Contract: 2014.01
Energy Efficiency

Promotion of Hybrid and Electric Buses

Project Type :

Establishment of Market Structures


Technology :

Energy Efficiency

Country :

International Project


Project Status :


Project Start :

March 2014


End of Project :

April 2015

Partners :

Grütter Consulting AG, Reinach,, Jürg Grütter

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© Grütter Consulting

Swiss Contribution

Grütter Consulting is a global company specializing in transportation projects in the carbon finance area. Grütter Consulting provides access to comprehensive real operating data from hybrid diesel, hybrid, natural gas, battery powered, electric, trolley, diesel and natural gas buses, derived from a large number of BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) or metro projects, mostly in developing or emerging countries.


This project provides comprehensive documentation on the cost effectiveness and the environmental impact of hybrid and electric buses. A unique feature is the operational data processing from various BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) projects, based on a large number of hybrid and electric buses, etc., used in Bogota, Columbia, and Zhengzhou, China. Until now, such a comparison based on a variety of drive systems with real data from developing and emerging countries hasn’t existed. Grütter Consulting’s BRT project partners, as well as various towns and transportation companies are informed by dissemination of the results at information events. Additionally, results are disseminated at workshops and on relevant websites worldwide. Thus, decisions for purchasing hybrid and electric buses are supported through updated and customized information concerning the reliability and economical operation of these transportation services.


Final Report, „Förderung von Hybrid- und Elektrobussen”, Evaluation Report “Real World Performance of Hybrid and Electric Buses in English, Spanish and Chinese“ as well as the “Excel Tool allowing a environmental and financial comparison of hybrid and E-buses” available at