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Construction of a Pilot Plant for Wood Drying in Chile (Phase 2)

Contract: 2011.08
Energy Efficiency

Construction of a Pilot Plant for Wood Drying in Chile (Phase 2)

Project Type :

Pilot Project


Technology :

Energy Efficiency

Country :



Project Status :


Project Start :

June 2011


End of Project :

October 2014

Partners :

E4tech Sàrl, Lausanne,, David Hart, François Vuille

© E4tech
© E4tech

Swiss Contribution

E4tech is a Swiss strategy consulting company which is specialized in the field of sustainable energy. E4tech has already realized a project in Chile before and has a good network of local partners.


In the project’s phase I, a techno-economic analysis was conducted on the harvesting and marketing of firewood in Chile in order to improve its energy efficiency.

The phase 2 objective is the construction of a pilot plant unit for wood drying in Osorno (Southern Chile).

The pilot plant capacity for wood drying will be 1,000 cubic meters / year. The plant will utilise the selected technology implementation: forced drying by extra heating on black roofs; as well as validate the techno-economic model adopted in phase I.

The project also aims at making all timber industry stakeholders and policy makers aware of the existence of viable solutions to the problem of “green wood” burning. A consequent effort of dissemination will be made in order to maximise the project’s great replication potential.


The final report "Centre de séchage du bois au Chili"is available at