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Centre for Wood Drying in Chile (Phase 1)

Contract: 2010.05
Energy Efficiency

Centre for Wood Drying in Chile (Phase 1)

Project Type :

Feasibility Study


Technology :

Energy Efficiency

Country :



Project Status :


Project Start :

May 2010


End of Project :

February 2011

Partners :

E4tech Sàrl, Lausanne,, David Hart, François Vuille

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© e4tech

Swiss Contribution

E4tech is a Swiss strategy consulting company which is specialized in the field of sustainable energy. E4tech has a good network of local partners.


A major part of Chile’s firewood is distributed in an informal market, before it is burnt “green” in energy-inefficient stoves. This situation causes both important energy waste and an economic loss of the biomass wood as well as air pollution through PM10 particulate matter.

In this Project, new economic models shall be developed for Chile’s firewood markets. The project includes a wood drying phase. It shall also provide a social-economic profit and boost an environmental-friendly, energy efficient firewood processing.

In order to put into practice and test the new economic model, a pilot installation will be built. The knowledge acquired of the pilot installation shall help to sensitize the affected economic actors and show them, how the proposed model can be replicated in large scale.


The Final Report, „Centre de séchage du bois au Chili“, is available at