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Securing Energy Efficiency and Antiseismic Building Standards in Tajikistan

Contract: 2011.06
Energy Efficiency


Securing Energy Efficiency and Antiseismic Building Standards in Tajikistan

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Infrastructure Orientated Project


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Energy Efficiency

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Caritas Schweiz, Luzern,, Nicole Stolz, Simon Greuter, Monique Frey

© Caritas Schweiz
© Caritas Schweiz

Swiss Contribution

Caritas Switzerland has been working in Tajikistan since the mid-90s. It has a coordination office in Dushanbe. The NGO conducts an extensive program in the country and has varied contacts in the country at both the international and local level; as well as with public authorities and institutions. The organization is very active in the field of land reconstruction.


The total lack of energy efficiency standards and the inadequacy of the existing antiseismic concept (standard SNIP) dating from the 80s have been pointed out during a reconstruction project in the district of Khuroson Tajikistan. Poor quality of house insulation combined with the country’s permanent energy undersupply lead to an unsustainable situation, whose most significant feature is rapid deforestation.

This project aims at intensifying dialogue with the Tajikistan authorities and the international community on the basis of a new reconstruction project in Vanj. It consists of house redesigns which are more energy efficient and more resistant to earthquakes; in order to approach the redefinition of the construction standards’ SNIP rules. Collaboration with universities and training programs for local professionals should help to sustainably secure the project results.


The Final Report, „Vanj Shelter Programme – Construction of Seismic Resilient and Energy Efficient Houses“, is available at