Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency (Completed Projects)

Agape - North Korea (DPRK)

Energy Efficient Construction in Rural Areas and Cities – Renewable Energy Training Center (RETC) Pyongyang

AGHH - Nepal

Review and Data Processing for Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln Projects in Kathmandu, Nepal and Bangladesh

Amstein und Walthert - Senegal

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Caritas - Bosnia-Herzegovina

Energy Saving Renovation of Residential Buildings in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Caritas - Tadjikistan

Securing Energy Efficiency and Antiseismic Building Standards in Tajikistan

CDE - Kyrgyzstan

Insulation of Residential Houses and Energy Efficient Stoves for CO2 Emissions Reduction and Livelihood Improvement

e4tech - Chile I

Centre for Wood Drying in Chile (Phase 1)

e4tech - Chile II

Construction of a Pilot Plant for Wood Drying in Chile (Phase 2)

EBP - Ecuador

Energy City of Cuenca: a participative municipal planning tool to bolster the energy transition in Ecuador

EBP/Nova/Binz - Chile

Energy in Construction in Chile

Eisenring - Nepal

Market launch of Lithium batteries for electric vehicles in Nepal

energiecluster - Switzerland

Sustainable Projects in Developing and Emerging Countries Special Exhibition at the House Construction and Energy Fair 2010, Bern

EscherTec - Bosnia-Herzegovina

Energy Efficiency Concept for the City of Trebinje

FirstClimate - Cameroon

Nuru Light Project - Cameroon

Grütter - International

Promotion of Hybrid and Electric Buses

Güntert - Haiti

Pyrolysis Cooker, Haiti

Idee - Morocco

Pilot Cycle MENA Energy Award Inspired by the European Energy Award (eea)®

Nova Energie - Chile

Ciudad Energética – Chile’s Sustainable Energy Future

Oekozentrum - Burkina Faso I

Ecological Fruit Drying for Development Countries – Development of a Low-Cost Condensation Dryer

Ökozentrum - Burkina Faso II

Local Production of Heat Pump Fruit Dryers

Policy Solutions - China

China Sustainable Energy City


Introducing Energy Performance Certificates for the Ukraine housing stock

Top-Ten - Chile

Top-Ten Chile

Top-Ten - China

Top-Ten China

Torrex - Philippines

Sustainable E-Cab System for City Transport

UEZ III - Bosnia-Herzegovina

Continuing Education, Training and Coaching Project: "start-up energy+housing"