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Renewable Energy Training and Certificate «RETAC»

Contract: 2015.04

Renewable Energy Training and Certificate «RETAC»

Project Type :

Pilot Project


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Project Status :


Project Start :

March 2015


End of Project :

September 2017

Partners :

Vela Solaris AG, Winterthur,, Andreas Witzig

© Vela Solaris
© Vela Solaris

Swiss Contribution

Vela Solaris has extensive expertise in international educational programs, e.g. with the EU-projects “SHINE and “SOLEDA”. Vela Solaris has the know-how and teaching experience and capabilities. The software Polysun is well established and has proven to be useful both in the application as a planning tool as well as for educational purposes. It has a world-wide coverage of systems and has been translated into 13 languages including Chinese.


In collaboration with its Chinese partner NERCRE, the Swiss company Vela Solaris and ZHAW will establish an education program and a trainer’s network with the capability to educate engineers and planners in the renewable energy sector throughout China. Hands-on technical expertise with practical know-how about the local preferences and needs are included into the teaching and certification scheme by the local teacher’s expertise and supervision of NERCRE.

The project provides centralized courses for teachers and a multiplication of know-how by the courses these teachers hold repeatedly in the Chinese provinces. Repetition courses are provided for the teachers which are part of the self-sustaining continuation of the project.


The Final Report "Renewable Energy Training and Certificate «RETAC» in China" is available at