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Interactive Overview Map: Promotion of Renewable Energies in Panama

Contract: 2011.10

Interactive Overview Map: Promotion of Renewable Energies in Panama

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Pilot Project / Education


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Verein, Bern,, Roman Bolliger

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Swiss Contribution

The Swiss association is responsible for the project coordination. This is a non-profit association, which has been founded in 2008, in Bern. It is specialized in the development of the overview map on their webpage and its communication. The website is in operation since 2009/2010.


The project’s aim is to promote renewable energies in Panama through know-how-transfer and an awareness raising campaign. The main instrument is an overview map with practical examples and additional local information, developed with modern information technology and freely available on the internet. The map is based on a web 2.0-approach. Project examples, with renewable energies in Panama, will be searched and recorded on the map. At the same time, there a communication campaign will be organized to publicize the map. The latter can and shall be integrated in existing webpages. The target users of the map, small and medium companies, shall be informed, sensitized and animated for the use of renewable energies; additionally, by providing contact details on the map.


The Final Report, „Förderung erneuerbarer Energien in Panama durch Know-How-Transfer mit interaktiver Übersichtskarte “, is available at