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Sustainable Technology Piloting Program Iran (STEP Program Iran)

Contract: 2017.12

Sustainable Technology Piloting Program Iran (STEP Program Iran)

Project Type :

Education and Quality Control


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Project Status :


Project Start :

January 2018


End of Project :

October 2018

Partners :

myclimate Foundation, Zurich,, Florian Strasser

© myclimate
© myclimate

Swiss Contribution

The project’s lead partner and coordinator is the Swiss non-profit myclimate (MYC) Foundation. This ETH spin-off is a partner for effective climate protection – both locally and globally. myclimate focuses primarily on national and international climate protection projects, resource and energy efficiency consulting for organizations, as well as on the development and implementation of educational projects for the purpose of transferring know-how to the respective target groups.


myclimate has often carried out the YES (Youth Encounter for Sustainability) course developed in 2000 by the “Alliance for Global Sustainability“ (ETH Zürich, MIT Boston, University of Tokyo, Chalmers University Gothenburg). Until 2017, 47 courses for targeted know-how transfer have been completed in 14 countries with more than 1,500 students and young professionals taking part from 145 countries. As part of this project, the proven YES solution approach will be implemented together with the “Smart-3” impact measurement. In Iran, two YES Labs will be implemented, a pilot renewable energies, energy and resource efficiency installation will be realized, and a “Scaling Solution Conference” will be held.


The project was cancelled, due to US sanctions against Iran.