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Community Based Rural Income through Sustainable Energy Project (RISE)

Contract: 2007.01

Community Based Rural Income through Sustainable Energy Project (RISE)

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Infrastructure Oriented Project


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HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, Zurich,, Marcus Büzberger

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Swiss Contribution

The Swiss contribution supports the project’s sustainable approach. Specifically, innovative financing models and networking structures are developed and implemented, particularly between the private electricity vendors and the public sector (the municipalities, in this case). Proven models for such sustainable institutional structures are viewed as prerequisites for the project’s possible continuation, following the pilot phase.


Laos is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia. The population in remote areas desires electricity access. However, it could be 20 years or even longer until the national grid reaches these areas. In approximately 40 villages there are small hydro plants, but whose turbines are no longer in operation. This is mainly due to defects in design, material, upkeep and maintenance. Helvetas enters this scene with an innovative private-public partnership with the Lao Sunlabob Company; within the framework of a pilot project to make fully functional hybrid electricity grids in three selected villages. These grids shall provide renewable energy to households and small businesses along the agricultural value chain. Special attention is given to training people at the local level in order to ensure the rural power grids’ good management and maintenance.


The Final Report, “Rural Income through Sustainable Energy (RISE)”, is available at Further Information: