EBP - Chile

Environmentally Friendly Mobility on the Rivers in Valdivia

Contract: 2012.05

Environmentally Friendly Mobility on the Rivers in Valdivia

Project Type :

Pilot Project


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Partner :

Ernst Basler + Partner AG, Zollikofen,, Roger Walther


Swiss Contribution

EBP, the Swiss project partner has a great deal of experience with energy efficiency projects and mobility, and the project manager knows the local situation very well. This project should also benefit from the experience of “Alpmobil,” the Swiss pilot project in Goms, where approximately 50 electric vehicles can be used and rented daily by both tourists and local residents.


The city of Valdivia is located in southern Chile and is surrounded by numerous rivers.  Valdivia has to contend with the usual traffic problems of Latin American cities. The main objective and impact of the present pilot and demonstration project should be to divert a part of the motorized, individual transport onto solar electric boats, at the medium-term.

Solar electric boat operations are tested and evaluated in relation to the economy, organization and social acceptance. The pilot project should be communicated to the public at the same time. Through the local university’s involvement where the operational project management is undertaken, research and development in the field of renewable energies should also be promoted.


The Final Report, “Förderung eines umweltfreundlichen öffentlichen Personentransports auf den Flüssen von Valdivia”, is available at