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Energetic Potential Valorization for Proliferating Water Plants in Mali

Contract: 2009.05

Energetic Potential Valorization for Proliferating Water Plants in Mali

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Feasibility Study


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Planair AG, La Sagne,, Pierre Renaud

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© Planair

Swiss Contribution

Das Projekt basiert auf der Expertise des Schweizer Partners, ein auf Energie- und Umweltfragen spezialisiertes Ingenieurbüro.


The water hyacinth is an invasive water plant which overgrows large parts of fresh water reserves in tropical and subtropical countries; thereby restricting the use of the water resources and causing ecological and economical damage. The water hyacinth is able to convert solar into chemical energy in an above-average manner.

In the present project, the water hyacinth shall be contained locally through extensive exploitation and simultaneously generate profit through its energetic and biological potential. The plants shall be collected by a specially developed machine, gasified in a biogas plant and in the end converted into electricity. The resulting fertilizer shall be used for the regeneration of agricultural soils.

The feasibility study includes the biogas plant’s dimensioning and engineering, the operation planning and profitability calculations.


The Final Report, „Valorisation énergétique des plantes aquatiques prolifératrices au Mali“, is available at