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Conference „ Energetic Use of Residues from Coffee Production in Central and South America"

Contract: 2011.07

Conference „ Energetic Use of Residues from Coffee Production in Central and South America"

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Ernst Basler & Partner AG, Zollikon,, Hans-Christian Angele, Reto Steiner


Swiss Contribution

Ernst Basler + Partner Ltd. is providing long-lasting experience with projects of biomass in Switzerland and abroad. Additionally they have know-how in the biomass and coffee production field.


In the producing countries, the processing of coffee leads to different biogenic residues (husk, pulp, wastewater). Although these residues have a great potential for various uses, they are actually only partially treated. This is linked to greenhouse gas emissions, pollution of nearby waters, soils as well as odours. In recent years, different experiences of sustainable reuse/recycling solutions could be gained in the producing countries and in Switzerland.

During the conference, existing experiences and solutions will be evaluated and discussed, with a special focus on the energetic use of coffee residues.

Experts from Central and South America will present current practices and projects as well as possible alternatives of the use of residues from coffee processing. These are completed by research results from Swiss institutions. During workshops, the participants will evaluate the different options, identify marketable ideas for projects and create a basis for some further evolution.


The Final Report, „Energetische Nutzung von Abfällen aus der Kaffeeproduktion in Mittel- und Südamerika“, the conference programme und presentations are available at