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Energy from Organic Waste in Ecuador: Potential and Feasibility study

Contract: 2009.01

Energy from Organic Waste in Ecuador:
Potential and Feasibility study

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Feasibility Study


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Partner :

Ernst Basler & Partner Ltd., Zurich,, Hans-Christian Angele


Swiss Contribution

The Swiss partners can build on the experience of a similar project in Brazil and long standing activities in the field of biomass in Switzerland.


The Manabí Province is a distinct agricultural region with an important fish industry for Ecuador; the capital Manta is home to as many as 8 tuna factories. Furthermore, the cultivation of tropical fruits as well as cattle and poultry farming are significant.

To date, the organic waste accumulating in these sectors is disposed of non-utilized. However, experiences in other countries have demonstrated that the fat-rich fish waste would be very well suited for biodiesel or biogas production. Biodiesel has the advantage that it can be either exported or converted into electricity for internal use in the factory.

The aim of the project is to identify the potential of organic waste in the Manabí Province and to develop an economically and ecologically sustainable utilization concept which shall be defined in a feasibility study.


The Final Report, „Energie aus organischen Abfällen in Ecuador: Potenzial und Machbarkeitsstudie“, is available at