EBP - Brazil

Biogas Use in Brazil: Technology and Know How Transfer

Contract: 2005.01

Biogas Use in Brazil: Technology and Know How Transfer

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Feasability Study


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Ernst Basler + Partner Ltd. (EBP), Zollikon,, Hans-Christian Angele
Genesys GmbH, Frauenfeld, Daniel Ruch (new: BBF Biogas Beteiligungs GmbH)


Swiss Contribution

Ernst Basler + Partner Ltd. (EBP) is an independent, internationally active planning and consulting firm. EBP is familiar with technologies and developments in the field of biogas, through its biomass mandate (excluding wood) within the SwissEnergy programme. The Genesys Inc. Company offers comprehensive services in the field of biogas generation. These services range from system concept to system realization.


A first, rough market analysis and various meetings held in Brazil have consistently shown that on one hand, there is a great potential for biomass and on the other hand, there is a clear demand for the energetic use of biomass technologies. The Brazilian Government supports renewable energies use. Therefore, technology on co-fermentation of agricultural farm fertilizers with other biomass fractions for biogas production that has been developed in Switzerland and other European countries has great market opportunities; especially in the southern part of Brazil, where there are large hog fattening farms and chicken farms. An advanced market analysis shall be carried out and defined, while setting up the optimal approach to the Switzerland-Brazil technology and know-how transfer.


The Final Report, “Biogasnutzung in Brasilien: Knowhow- und Technologietransfer”, is available at