ARGE Kaffakocher - Ethiopia

Kaffakocher: Dried Coffee Pulp for Cooking Fuel with Pyrolysis Cookers

Contract: 2014.08

Kaffakocher: Dried Coffee Pulp
for Cooking Fuel with Pyrolysis Cookers in Ethiopia

Project Type :

Pilot Project


Technology :


Country :



Project Status :


Project Start :

June 2014


End of Project :

December 2016

Partners :

ARGE Kaffakocher bonnepomme GmbH,
Nadine Guthapfel; Kasdad-E GmbH, Stephan Gutzwiller

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Swiss Contribution

The ARGE Kaffakocher has proven experience in the development cooperation and pyrolysis areas. The project partners are well networked and have a solid reference of their findings from several pyrolysis projects within development cooperation.


Until now, the coffee husks waste (pulp and crumbly parchment skin) derived from sun-dried coffee production could in no way been used. Thanks to these pilot project’s new energy efficient, low carbon emission and low-tech pyrolysis cookers, the coffee husks waste can be used as fuel. These cookers are used for the Ethiopian national dish, “Injera,” as well as in everyday household cooking for other dishes. This cooker replaces the traditional three stone cooking fire and has been developed on the basis of existing cooker appliances in Haiti and the Swiss pyrolysis stove, “Pyro-Cook.” Within this project, other local industries shall also be built. Thus, this project helps to improve local living conditions.  The use of waste from sun-dried coffee as fuel is new and helps to reduce deforestation.

The Final Report, “Dried Coffee Husk for Cooking in Gasifier Stoves, Ethiopia”, is available at