Arbi - Tanzania

Construction of a new Type of Biogas Plant in Tanzania

Contract: 2011.04

Construction of a new Type of Biogas Plant in Tanzania

Project Type :

Pilot Project / Education


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Project Status :


Project Start :

June 2011


End of Project :

June 2015

Partners :

Arbi GmbH, Baar,, Dr. Werner Edelmann; eBio AG, Hühnenberg,, Stefan Lehmann; engeli engineering, Neerrach, Hans Engeli

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Swiss Contribution

The Swiss partners have been working in the bioenergy field, particularly in biogas, since 1976. Arbi has carried out several projects in different developing countries around the world. Additionally, the aim of the activity is to increase knowledge transfer, also to learn together with local partners and to focus on what is strictly necessary and feasible in technical solutions, in order to develop simple and reliable systems; of which their value is proven in everyday life.


There are mostly small biogas plants in developing countries’ rural areas (capacity 3-10 m3), on which gas losses often occur. These facilities are also rarely suitable for fermenting solid biogenic co-substrates, which would significantly increase the gas yield per m3 digester volume.

In the current project, a new type of reactor shall be achieved. It concerns an extremely simple and uncomplicated built grafting reactor that can be made in sizes from quite small to 100 m3.

The plant will be built in the context of a very large centre including an agricultural school (Gerlisberg Monastery Mivumoni Centre). This will add to the dissemination of knowledge and awareness on the one hand and on the other hand, also raises challenges for the partners, which will lead to important experiences. It is planned to spread the experience gained in the building of further plants in Tanzania and in other developing countries.


The Final Report “The arbi Plug-Flow Digester in Tanzania - A medium-size Biogas Plant for Developing Countries” is available at