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Urban Waste to Energy

Contract: 2012.12

Urban Waste to Energy

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Feasibility Study


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Project Start :

November 2012


End of Project :

June 2014

Partners :

Adra Switzerland, Zürich,, Marcel Wagner

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© Adra Switzerland

Swiss Contribution

On one hand, Adra has several years of project experience in China and has conducted similar biogas projects in North Korea. On the other hand, Arthur Wellinger, Triple E&M’s Swiss expert, has many years of experience and is a proven, well-known biogas expert.


In the present project, a feasibility study shall be carried for the Chinese city of Chengdu, for large biogas plants on fermentation of the organic part of municipal solid waste, as well as demonstrate technical and economical feasibility. Such systems treating the organic part of solid waste are widely used in Switzerland and Europe; however, their corresponding technologies are complex. There are no large biogas plants for fermentation of the organic part of municipal solid waste (solid-state fermentation) in China at the moment and the know-how is also lacking. Additionally, there is not much detailed expertise available on biogas plants’ real planning, operation and monitoring, despite the existence of numerous small biogas plants and programmes. Furthermore, many Chinese cities suffer from waste problems and overflowing landfill areas.

This feasibility study is a “Know How Transfer” of expert knowledge derived from Switzerland’s large fermentation plants design and technology. This includes developing technology which is simple and adapted to the onsite construction. A pilot and demonstration facility shall be built in Chengdu in a next phase, based on the feasibility study. Then the technology should be widely disseminated (not part of this REPIC project).


The Final Report, “Urban Waste to Energy”, as well as the Technical Evaluation and the Cost-Benefit-Analysis, are available at