Biomass (Completed Projects)

Acrona - Brazil

SUINERGIA – Energetic Use of Biogas Using the Microturbine Technology

Adra Switzerland - China

Urban Waste to Energy

Arbi - Tanzania

Construction of a new Type of Biogas Plant in Tanzania

ARGE Kaffakocher - Ethiopia

Kaffakocher: Dried Coffee Pulp for Cooking Fuel with Pyrolysis Cookers

BHP - Ecuador

Waste Transfer Station “ET Sur” Located in Quito: Establish the Value-Added Chain from Organic Waste to Biogas to Energy

Biowaste / Axpo - Costa Rica

Sustainable Management of biogenic waste from coffee production in Costa Rica

Caritas - Indonesia

Bali: Poverty Reduction and Climate Protection – Biodiesel Production by Recycling used Cooking Oil

Eawag - Ghana

Renewable Energy and Waste Management in Ghana - Developing a Dry Digestion Biogas Plant to Treat Organic Solid Waste in Kumasi, Ghana

Eawag - Uganda

Sludge to Energy Enterprises in Kampala (SEEK)

EBP - Brazil

Biogas Use in Brazil: Technology and Know How Transfer

EBP - Ecuador

Energy from Organic Waste in Ecuador: Potential and Feasibility study

EBP - Switzerland

Conference „ Energetic Use of Residues from Coffee Production in Central and South America"

EBP - Uzbekistan

Biogas from Agricultural Waste in the Aral Sea Basin

EREP - Benin

Biogas Derived from Waste and Water Hyacinths for Domestic Use

EREP - Morocco

Valorization of biowaste through biogas production in the Oujda region, Morocco

FHNW - Costa Rica

Production of biogas from pretreated banana waste in Costa Rica

Foundation Aidha - Haiti

Domestic Biogas Digesters in Haiti

Nouvelle Planète - Vietnam

Biogas Plants in Six Mekong Delta Villages

Oekozentrum - CH / Peru

Pulpa Pyro Peru: A Small and Mobile Pyrolysis Plant for the Use of Humid Coffee Pulp

Oekozentrum - El Salvador

Development and implementation of an environmentally sound technology for the combustion of coffee pulp in El Salvador

Planair - Mali I

Energetic Potential Valorization for Proliferating Water Plants in Mali

Planair - Mali II

Energetic Potential Valorization for Proliferating Water Plants in Mali – 2nd Phase

RAVI - Tanzania

Waste Wood to Heat and Electricity in Tanzania’s Southern Highlands

SGI - Senegal

Bioenergy in Saint Louis, Senegal