Since the REPIC Platform's launch in 2004, more than 140 projects have been promoted. The most important information and results of ongoing or completed projects are presented briefly below.

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Acrona - Brazil

SUINERGIA – Energetic Use of Biogas Using the Microturbine Technology

Adra Switzerland - China

Urban Waste to Energy

Arbi - Tanzania

Construction of a new Type of Biogas Plant in Tanzania

ARGE Kaffakocher - Ethiopia

Kaffakocher: Dried Coffee Pulp for Cooking Fuel with Pyrolysis Cookers

BHP - Ecuador

Waste Transfer Station “ET Sur” Located in Quito: Establish the Value-Added Chain from Organic Waste to Biogas to Energy

Bioburn - Uganda

Energy from Biomass by the Use of Bioburn® Pelletsystem

Biowaste / Axpo - Costa Rica

Sustainable Management of biogenic waste from coffee production in Costa Rica

Caritas - Indonesia

Bali: Poverty Reduction and Climate Protection – Biodiesel Production by Recycling used Cooking Oil

Eawag - Ghana

Renewable Energy and Waste Management in Ghana - Developing a Dry Digestion Biogas Plant to Treat Organic Solid Waste in Kumasi, Ghana

Eawag - Uganda

Sludge to Energy Enterprises in Kampala (SEEK)

EBP - Brazil

Biogas Use in Brazil: Technology and Know How Transfer

EBP - Ecuador

Energy from Organic Waste in Ecuador: Potential and Feasibility study

EBP - Switzerland

Conference „ Energetic Use of Residues from Coffee Production in Central and South America"

EBP - Uzbekistan

Biogas from Agricultural Waste in the Aral Sea Basin

EBP_BM - Chile

District Heating Systems as a Solution for Air Pollution in Southern Chile’s Cities

EREP - Benin

Biogas Derived from Waste and Water Hyacinths for Domestic Use

EREP - Morocco

Valorization of biowaste through biogas production in the Oujda region, Morocco

FHNW - Costa Rica

Production of biogas from pretreated banana waste in Costa Rica

Foundation Aidha - Haiti

Domestic Biogas Digesters in Haiti

Nouvelle Planète - Vietnam

Biogas Plants in Six Mekong Delta Villages

OekoSolve - Chile

Swiss Fine Dust Filters for Chilean Wood Stoves

Oekozentrum - CH / Peru

Pulpa Pyro Peru: A Small and Mobile Pyrolysis Plant for the Use of Humid Coffee Pulp

Oekozentrum - El Salvador

Development and implementation of an environmentally sound technology for the combustion of coffee pulp in El Salvador

Planair - Mali I

Energetic Potential Valorization for Proliferating Water Plants in Mali

Planair - Mali II

Energetic Potential Valorization for Proliferating Water Plants in Mali – 2nd Phase

RAVI - Tanzania

Waste Wood to Heat and Electricity in Tanzania’s Southern Highlands

Renergon - India

Waste to Energy Bio-CNG Project Patiala

SGI - Senegal

Bioenergy in Saint Louis, Senegal


ASS-UDM - Cameroon

Training Center for Alternative Energies

BHP - Bangladesh

KEPZ Feasibility Study on Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency in Bangladesh

CDE - Chile

First protected area 100% energy self-sustaining in Chile

connecting spaces - Nepal

Madi Eco-Village: Self-sustainable, clean, community-based eco-tourism development in Chitwan District, Nepal

EBP - Brazil

Região Energética Maraú

EBP - Chile

Energy Inclusion Program – Renca

EBP - Chile

Environmentally Friendly Mobility on the Rivers in Valdivia

Geelhaarconsulting - Bangladesh

Energy-Symposium 2012 in Dhaka

HEIG-VD - Cameroon

Rural Energy Platform

Helvetas - Laos

Community Based Rural Income through Sustainable Energy Project (RISE)

myclimate - Iran

Sustainable Technology Piloting Program Iran (STEP Program Iran)

Oekozentrum - Switzerland

Conference „Erneuerbare Energien in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit" - Panama

Interactive Overview Map: Promotion of Renewable Energies in Panama

University of Geneva - Mexico

The Domo San Pedro Geothermal Simulation (DOS PEGAS)

Vela Solaris - China

Renewable Energy Training and Certificate «RETAC»

ZHAW - Cambodia

Sun-Oxygen-System: Energy Efficient Fishpond Aeration Enhancing Integrated Small-scale Farming in Cambodia

Energy Efficiency

Agape - North Korea (DPRK)

Energy Efficient Construction in Rural Areas and Cities – Renewable Energy Training Center (RETC) Pyongyang

AGHH - Nepal

Review and Data Processing for Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln Projects in Kathmandu, Nepal and Bangladesh

Amstein und Walthert - Senegal

« Oua_casa / maison urbaine africaine »

Caritas - Bosnia-Herzegovina

Energy Saving Renovation of Residential Buildings in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Caritas - Haiti

Solution Approach for Climate Change at the Catchment Area “Carrefour /Léogâne”

Caritas - Tadjikistan

Securing Energy Efficiency and Antiseismic Building Standards in Tajikistan

CDE - Kyrgyzstan

Insulation of Residential Houses and Energy Efficient Stoves for CO2 Emissions Reduction and Livelihood Improvement

e4tech - Chile I

Centre for Wood Drying in Chile (Phase 1)

e4tech - Chile II

Construction of a Pilot Plant for Wood Drying in Chile (Phase 2)

EBP - Ecuador

Energy City of Cuenca: a participative municipal planning tool to bolster the energy transition in Ecuador

EBP/Nova/Binz - Chile

Energy in Construction in Chile

Eisenring - Nepal

Market launch of Lithium batteries for electric vehicles in Nepal

energiecluster - Switzerland

Sustainable Projects in Developing and Emerging Countries Special Exhibition at the House Construction and Energy Fair 2010, Bern

EscherTec - Bosnia-Herzegovina

Energy Efficiency Concept for the City of Trebinje

FirstClimate - Cameroon

Nuru Light Project - Cameroon

Grütter - International

Promotion of Hybrid and Electric Buses

Güntert - Haiti

Pyrolysis Cooker, Haiti

IDE-E - Tunisia

Network of Allied Cities for Climate and Energy Transition (Rev’ACTE)

Idee - Morocco

Pilot Cycle MENA Energy Award Inspired by the European Energy Award (eea)®

Minergie - Chile

Introduction of the Swiss Minergie Building Standard in Chile

Nereid - South Africa

Solar Thermal Zero Discharge Desalination

Nova Energie - Chile

Ciudad Energética – Chile’s Sustainable Energy Future

Oekozentrum - Burkina Faso I

Ecological Fruit Drying for Development Countries – Development of a Low-Cost Condensation Dryer

Ökozentrum - Burkina Faso II

Local Production of Heat Pump Fruit Dryers

Policy Solutions - China

China Sustainable Energy City


Introducing Energy Performance Certificates for the Ukraine housing stock

Swiss Fresh Water - Bolivia

Water Kiosks in Bolivia

Top-Ten - Chile

Top-Ten Chile

Top-Ten - China

Top-Ten China

Torrex - Philippines

Sustainable E-Cab System for City Transport

UEZ III - Bosnia-Herzegovina

Continuing Education, Training and Coaching Project: "start-up energy+housing"

Zenna - Thailand

Solar Powered E-longtail Boat


Dr Roland Wyss - North Korea (DPRK)

Geothermal energy in Pyongyang

University of Geneva - Mexico

The Domo San Pedro Geothermal Simulation (DOS PEGAS)

Small Hydro Power

CEAS - Madagascar I

Technical training program for Madagascan craftsmen in the renewable energy sector

CEAS - Madagascar II

Small Hydropower in Madagascar

CEAS - Madagascar III

Pico Hydroelectric Power Plant – Sarobaratra

entec - Indonesia

Small Hydro Competence Centre in Indonesia

FHNW - India

Micro Hydropower Units for small villages in Ladakh, Northern India

GFA Entec - Pakistan

Micro Hydropower Resource & Services Center (MRSC)

PamirLink - Tajikistan

Technology and Know How Transfer for Small Hydropower: A Pilot Project in the Pamir Region, Tajikistan

RIDS - Nepal

Modular Pico-Hydropower Plant for the Mohari Village in Jumla


Antenna - Cameroon

Salt Battery for Rural Electrification

Antenna - Uganda

OOLUX – Field Test of an Advanced Solar Power Kit in Uganda

BUAS / UNIBE - India

Micro-Business and Female Small-Scale Farmers in Rural India: Innovation Through Sustainable Energy Technology

Candi solar - India

Indian SME Rooftops

Carbotech - Burkina Faso

Artistes-Eclairs – Innovative Photovoltaic Products’ Distribution Channel in Burkina Faso

Cuepe - Switzerland

Extention of the PVsyst Software for the simulation of photovoltaic pumping systems

Dasag - India

Tiny Grids for Very Basic Electricity Needs

DT Power / Mobisol - Kenya

Mobisol: Affordable Solar Home Systems

Ecogeo - Brazil

Solar Powered Drinking Water Supply in Brazil

Ecosys - Chile

Photovoltaic Solar Cooperative Model for Low-Income Households

Enecolo - Malaysia

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (MBIPV): GEF Project Preparation in Malaysia

Entec - IEA PVPS Task 9

Swiss Contribution to the IEA PVPS-Project Task 9 Photovoltaic Services for Developing Countries (PVSDC)

EPFL-IMT - Senegal

Quality and Test Center for Photovoltaics

Fastenopfer - Colombia

Energy Inclusion as a Community-Centred Driver of Development

First Climate - Argentina

Climate Finance for Distributed Renewable Energy in Rural Argentina

HES-SO - Ivory Coast

Autonomous Microgrid Optimized

IWÖ-HSG / Trunz - Kenya

Developing a Business Model for Solar Powered WaterShops in Kenya

LEDsafari - India

HelioHealth: A Universal Plug and Play Sensor for Solar Supply Side Management

MPower - Zambia

Virtual Mini-Grid - Leveraging the Power of Solar and Batteries in Zambia

Muntwyler - India

Solar Electric Vehicle Demonstration – Public Transportation in Clean Air Island, Mumbai

Nouvelle Planete - Madagascar

Construction of a Photovoltaic Plant and Village Electricity Grid to Power New Batteries and Battery Charging Stations in the rural community of Ankaranana

Offgrid - Kenya

Innovative Solar PV Mini-grid with Circular Economy Hub and Community Empowerment

Power-Blox - Mali

Solarpower for Mali

PurePower Solutions - Ghana

Solar Education in Ghana

Sahay Solar - Ethiopia

New Training Program: “Advanced Solar Training”

Sahay Solar Solutions - Ethiopia

Solar Competence Centre (SCC) Arbaminch University, Ethiopia

Shanti Schweiz - Bangladesh

RESI – RSUF Electrical Skill Improvement

Skat - IEA PVPS Task 9

IEA PVPS Task 9: Photovoltaic Services for Developing Countries (PVSDC) Swiss Contribution

Solafrica - Cameroon

Solar Square: A Community‐based Distribution and Leasing System for Pico‐powered Solar Lighting Systems

Solafrica - Kenya

Solar Energy for Africa – A Start with LED-Lamps in Kenya

Stiftung Solarenergie - Ethiopia I

Light for education and development, Ethiopia

Stiftung Solarenergie - Ethiopia II

Sun Control: Improved Technology for Handling and Financing Solar Home Systems in Ethiopia


Development of PV grid connected plants in Nepal: a feasibility study and training program


PV Grid-connected Pilot Plant in Nepal

Swiss Fresh Water - Senegal

Decentralized Low Cost Desalination System in Sine Saloum Delta Senegal

Swissenergy-Solutions - Zimbabwe

Water Thanks to Solar Energy in Zimbabwe

Tritec - Madagascar

Energizing the last mile - providing electricity by means of solar energy in remote areas of Madagascar

Venture South - East Africa

East Africa Smallholder Productive Use Lending

Venture South International - Kenya

Kenyan Solar Lending

Weconnex - Nepal

Nexus Center Nepal

Wirz Solar - Haiti

Preparation for the Mali Solar Pump Project’s Multiplication in Haiti

Wirz Solar - Mali I

Solar Energy Promotion in Sustainable Development Service to Timbuktu

Wirz Solar - Mali II

Pilot Project for the Introduction of Solar Water Pumps for Food Production by Farmers in Mali

Zenna - Belize

Proof of concept: Smart Solar Off-Grid

Zenna - Belize II

Solar Education Belize

Resource efficiency

BSD - Brazil

Socially Inclusive Waste Recycling

EFCO - Tanzania

Waste Biomass to Charcoal Briquettes in Tanzania

Equipe PEP - Haiti

Manage Waste – Get Value (Geré Fatra - Fè lajan)

E[co]work Association - India

E[co]work, a co-working space adapted to the informal e-waste recycling sector

Fair Recycling - China

Recycling of Organic Materials

Fair Recycling - Liberia

Plastic Recycling Project

Förderverein CEE - Bosnia-Herzegovina

Tuzla resource conservation

Hofstetter Gastechnik - Serbia

Integrated Dumpsite Solution

Koa - Ghana

Pilot Production of Cocoa Pulp Use through Solar Energy

Myclimate - Kenya

TakaTaka Solutions : Improving Resource Efficiency in Waste Management

Myclimate - Kenya (West)

Resource Efficiency and Waste Management for Off-grid Solar Products in Kenya

Myclimate - Nepal

E-Waste Management in Kathmandu

Ressect - Kenya

Insect-based Animal Feed

Skat - Costa Rica

Sustainable Management of Organic Municipal Waste in the Municipality of Pérez Zeledón

Sofies-Emac - Peru

Added Value of Coffee Waste in Peru

Sofies-Emac - Vietnam

Pyrolysis Based Coffee Drying in Vietnam

SOPAS - Benin

Retrofit for converting hand pumps into solar pumping systems with tap stations

Terre et Faune - The Comoros

Replacing Wood with Waste for Distilling Ylang Ylang

ZHAW - Colombia

Swiss Know-how and Technology Transfer for Wastewater Treatment in Colombia

ZHAW - South Africa

LaundReCycle – A Water- and Energy Autarkic Laundromat

Solar Thermal

CEE Tuzla - Bosnia-Herzegovina

Market Introduction of Solar Water Heating Power System in Bosnia-Herzegovina (2nd phase)

ExSol - India

The “International Solar Food Processing Conference 2009.” in Indore, India; Conference Report on Solar Cooking from a Swiss Perspective

Infras - Albania

Market transformation for solar water heating in Albania

Kessel - Colombia

Pilot Phase with KESSEL Solar Water Heaters in Colombia

SPF - Tanzania

SOLambara Realization and Distribution of Solar Thermal Systems

UEZ I - Bosnia-Herzegovina

Market introduction of solar water heating power system in the region Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina

WaterKiosk - Bangladesh

Sustainable Implementation of solar thermal units for water disinfection in Bangladesh

Wind - Vietnam

Con Dao Wind Energy Project: Wind-Diesel Hybrid Power Plant

Enco - Nicaragua

Development of a Wind Map for Nicaragua

Mad Eole - Madagascar I

Development of a Commercial and Industrial Wind Center in Diego-Suarez

Mad Eole - Madagascar II

15 villages pilot wind region Diego-Suarez (Madagascar), 1st phase

Meteotest - Nicaragua

Feasibility Study for Wind Park in El Crucero, Nicaragua

NEK - Kosovo I

Feasibility Study Wind Energy, Kosovo

NEK - Kosovo II

Pilot Project Windpark in Kosovo – Feasibility Study

NEK - Romania

Wind Project in the Port of Constanta, Romania