Application Procedure

The application procedure for requesting support from the REPIC platform is in two phases: the outline and the project proposal.

Depending on the needs, the project idea can be discussed with the REPIC Secretariat, which allows for a first evaluation without any commitment. This makes it possible to determine whether the request meets the requirements of the REPIC platform and whether any support is possible.

In the first phase, the applicant proposes his/her project in the form of a project outline. On the basis of the outline document, the REPIC Steering Group makes a decision concerning entering into the subject matter (or not entering into the subject matter) in relation to the project.

In the second phase, a project proposal must be submitted to the REPIC platform. The decision concerning the financial support of the project will be communicated to the applicant in writing. It will be substantiated and binding. The terms and conditions for REPIC’s support of the project will then be defined by a contract.

The answers provide in the section on frequently asked questions (FAQs) can be useful aides in order to prepare a good project definition.

>> The outline and proposal templates can be found under operational documents.