Application Procedure

The application for project proposals to the REPIC Platform usually follows a two-stage procedure.

A Project Outline provides the basic information, on which the REPIC Platform decides on whether or not it can consider this project for support. The decision to consider a project for support is made by the REPIC steering group. When the decision of acceptance for consideration is delivered, first recommendations for required changes in the project proposal are given.

A Project Proposal has to be elaborated on for the decision of a financial contribution by the REPIC Platform. The REPIC Platform's decision of support will be communicated and justified in written form and is definite.

The terms and conditions for project support by the REPIC Platform will be determined in a contract. The project documents are to be sent to the REPIC Secretariat. REPIC relevant proposals sent to the different governmental agencies involved will be transmitted to the REPIC Secretariat.

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