Project Submission

The main principle for the REPIC Platform's activities and projects is local anchoring in the target countries, as well as an according sustainable impact. Therefore, a great emphasis is given to the local context, to the partnerships with local actors, as well as to a demand driven approach. The participation of local actors is of central importance (ownership). The REPIC Platform seeks to remove existing barriers in order to promote the technology transfer of renewable energy in developing and transition countries.

Socioeconomical aspects such as the creation of energy services (basic needs, health services, economic development), the improvement of the local infrastructure, the creation or promotion of marketing and financial structures for a sustainable deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency are of particular relevance.

The REPIC Platform gives priority to proven technologies. Nevertheless, the utilisation of technologies which are in a pilot stage for locally adapted solutions can also be taken into account. The economic viability in a given context is of primary importance to the REPIC Platform. The potential and the effect of projects within the REPIC Platform should be quantified as much as possible in terms of technical, socio-economical and environmental parameters.

The following services and information are available to support project managers:

- Templates for outlines and proposals (Documentation)
- Initial assessment by the Secretariat (Contact)
- Project examples (Projects)
- Participation in events (News)
- Presentations of past events (Documentation)
- Relevant links to financing institutions, organisations and networks (Links)
- Background information and context (Documentation)

 Project outlines and proposals are to be sent by e-mail to the REPIC Secretariat as .pdf (hc.ciper@ofni).