The state community would not be able to overcome the transformation of the global energy system to a system that is socially and environmentally sustainable, and at the same time, politically acceptable, without the mobilization of the private sector’s economic and technological opportunities along with the support of the civil society.

REPIC profiles itself as a market-oriented competence center. Thanks to financial contributions, REPIC makes it possible for the realization of promising projects with increased participation of Swiss companies and organizations. The REPIC platform supports the exchange of experiences and networking of Swiss and foreign stakeholders.

The REPIC platform’s strategy places the needs of private and non-governmental stakeholders in developing and transition countries at the center of its activities. Based on a demand-driven approach, the skills, resources and knowledge of local partners are mobilized to improve the population’s living conditions.

REPIC projects clearly emphasize the multiplier effect. Scaling-up should already be prepared and implemented at the project’s very beginning, so that sustainable activities can then be replicated and multiplied.