REPIC is designed to be a market oriented service centre for the promotion of renewable energy, energy and resource efficiency in international cooperation. Taking existing experiences into account, this platform should make new concrete projects possible, with increasing participation of Swiss companies and organisations. For this purpose, REPIC will build up a network of information and awareness among interested parties, facilitate the exchange of experience between different stakeholders and promote the knowledge of local conditions and project opportunities. In order to realise promising projects, the REPIC Platform can contribute to the initial financing of such projects. Moreover, through the REPIC Platform, the participation in international networks is enhanced.

The REPIC Platform’s first phase ran from 2004 to 2007. During the REPIC Platform’s second phase, from 2007 to 2010, the platform was broadened to include energy efficiency along with renewable energies. Following the second phase’s conclusion at the end of 2010, the four Swiss Federal Offices granted a 3 year extension, for a third phase, until year end 2013. Based on the experience gained during phases I and II, the third phase shall give more weight to implementation relevance, as well as multiplying project promotion and realization.

The activities of the platform are defined by a steering committee composed of representatives from the four governmental Offices. The activities are implemented by a secretariat.