Network, Information and Communication

Objective 2

Network, Information and Communication: Successful information and communication transfer as well as intensified network contacts and partnerships, nationally and internationally, in order to disseminate RE/EE systems in developing and transitioning countries.


  • Provide a central contact point for the actors.

  • Regular meetings, workshops and information events with the actors and participation in relevant RE/EE workshops, conventions and conferences.

  • Intensification and support to network contacts at the national level (the Confederation, the private sector, NGOs, relief agencies) concerning RE/EE in international cooperation.

  • Intensification of network contacts at the international level, participation in international committees, active participation in international networks (e.g., REEEP) and support from partnerships to the support and dissemination on renewable energies in the international context.

  • Experience review and analysis and “best practice.”

  • Coordination of Swiss contributions in selected initiatives.