REPIC relevant proposals sent to the different governmental agencies involved will be transmitted to the REPIC secretariat.

The platform is accompanied by a steering committee, which establishes recommendations to the individual federal offices (the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC, the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN and the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE), and as a result assures the platform operative direction. It decides over the funds utilization within the REPIC platform. The steering committee is coordinated through a secretariat.

Competent Institutions


Informations on the Federal Offices:


The REPIC platform’s primary goal is to strengthen and coordinate Swiss federal activities on coherent renewable energies, energy and resource efficiency promotion and dissemination within developing and transitioning countries.

Management board and Implementation


The platform's activities are defined by a steering committee composed of representatives
from the four Federal Offices.

Françoise Salamé, SECO
Reto Thönen, SDC
Marie-Laure Pesch, FOEN
Wieland Hintz, SFOE

The activities are implemented by a secretariat.

Project managers


The REPIC platform's main principle for the activities and projects is the local anchoring in the target countries, as well as an according sustainable impact. Therefore, a great emphasis is given to the local context, to the partnerships with local actors as well as to a demand driven approach. Local actors' participation is of central importance (ownership). The REPIC Platform seeks to remove existing barriers in order to promote the technology transfer in developing and transition countries.