Following successfully completed preparatory work: Nexus Center Nepal

Following successfully completed preparatory work: Nexus Center Nepal

Jun 2016


Despite Nepal‘s notable socioeconomic progress in the past years, a large part of the population is deprived of access to basic infrastructure. There is a large gap between supply and demand of electricity. The country also faces a number of problems related to the quality and availability of drinking water sources resulting amongst others from inadequate wastewater management and arsenic contamination from natural and anthropogenic sources.

The idea is to install 4 off-grid water and energy centers, so-called Nexus Centers, which are located in central and easily accessible locations in rural villages or rural market places in the districts Chitwan and Nawalparasi. These centers are equipped with environmentally friendly water treatment and energy supply systems of Trunz Water Systems and can therefore run independently in decentralized, “off-grid” areas. Each Nexus Center will be operated by a franchisee, which is either a local group entrepreneurs, a women’s savings and credit group or a cooperative.

Following the successful start in September 2015, sites for the Nexus Centers have been selected and contracts have been concluded with the future operators for the Centers. The next step is the construction of the Centers.


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