Invitation to 1st Swiss India Renewable Energy Symposium SIREN

Invitation to 1st Swiss India Renewable Energy Symposium SIREN

Oct 2015

1st Swiss India Renewable ENergy Symposium

  • November 19-20, 2015
  • EPFL Innovation Park / Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Flyer

How can Swiss Innovation combined with Indian market facilitate the global transition to low carbon economy?

The detrimental effects of climate change are being experienced worldwide. This serves as a ‘siren’ to initiate a transformation from the current fossil fuel economy to a more climate resilient and low carbon economy.

Switzerland, though energy self-sufficient, is in a phase of energy transition, where it plans to phase out its nuclear power production with renewables by 2034. This has given an impetus to the R&D and investments in this sector, with a multitude of innovative start-ups, emerging in photovoltaics, concentrated solar, CO2 capture, fuel cells, energy storage, hybrid cars, smart grids and buildings, waste management etc.

Similarly, India, poised to become one of the dominant economies in the 21st century, is committed to the development and upscaling of alternative energy technologies, to meet its enormous energy demand. It aims to double the share of renewables from 6% to 12% in the total electricity mix, within the next three years. For this very reason, the government’s ambitious 'Make in India' initiative, seeks to attract large-scale investments for the sustainable energy sector. 

'SIREN 'aims to bring together industry, project developers, investors, policymakers, researchers and other players in the renewable energy sector, within Switzerland and India, so as to create a platform for sharing of ideas and technology, and promote business opportunities. 

The symposium will also serve as a prequel to RE-INVEST, 2nd Renewable Energy Global Investors Meet and Expo from the 18-20th February, 2016 in New Delhi where a side event on Swiss technology and innovation is being organized and a visit by a high level delegation of Swiss businesses and financial institutions is planned.

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