Recently Launched: Sludge to Energy Enterprises in Kampala (SEEK)

Recently Launched: Sludge to Energy Enterprises in Kampala (SEEK)

Jun 2015


In urban areas of low-income countries, sanitation needs are commonly met by onsite sanitation technologies such as pit latrines and septic tanks. Onsite sanitation can provide adequate and affordable sanitation if collection, transport, treatment and end use of the waste (i.e. faecal sludge) accumulating in these technologies is provided. Based on previous studies, the calorific value of faecal sludge is comparable to other currently used biofuels. Sandec and its research partners identified that revenues from faecal sludge as a fuel can be four times higher compared to its use as soil conditioner in agriculture. This project aims to increase this revenue potential by processing sludge together with other urban waste streams into fuel pellets and electricity through gasification.

By implementing a drying, pelletizing and gasification system at NWSC Lubigi Wastewater and Faecal Sludge treatment plant in Kampala, the SEEK project will provide reliable operating and financial parameters to allow informed decision-making.

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