Ressourceneffizienz (laufende Projekte)

E[co]work Association - Indien

E[co]work, a co-working space adapted to the informal e-waste recycling sector

Fair Recycling - Liberia


Hofstetter Gastechnik - Serbien

Komplettlösungen für Abfalldeponien

Myclimate - Kenia (West)

Resource Efficiency and Waste Management for Off-grid Solar Products in Kenya

Myclimate - Nepal

E-Waste Management in Kathmandu

Skat - Costa Rica

Sustainable management of organic municipal waste in the Municipality of Pérez Zeledón

Sofies-Emac - Peru

In-Wert-Setzung von Kaffeeabfällen in Peru

SOPAS - Benin

Retrofit for converting hand pumps into solar pumping systems with tap stations

ZHAW - Südafrika

LaundReCycle – A Water- and Energy Autarkic Laundromat