Coaching in Kommunikation


The REPIC platform launches a pilot programme for communications skills:


Coaching in “Communications & Media Relations”


Would you like to enhance your communications strategy and make it more effective?

Would you like to improve your ability to attract media attention? 

Here are a few examples of topics that we can address as part of the coaching programme:


Coaching is not a training course; instead, it is based on your actual situation, your needs, and your resources. I offer support that focuses on a concrete solution and specific tools that you can easily put into practice to achieve your new goals.

The coaching process

  • The process starts with an initial contact to assess the situation, evaluate your needs, and work with you to set your primary goal for the coaching (such as a global communications strategy, media relations, targeting the press, content creation, and so on).
  • We then set up a meeting to create a theoretical approach to address the specified topic, before putting together a plan of action and starting to implement the plan. Throughout the coaching process, regular status updates and contact sessions will be scheduled.
  • A total of six hours of coaching, financed by REPIC, are planned over a two to three-month period, depending on your availability and goals. At the end of the support period, you will be provided with a summary of the discussions and actions taken and an action plan will be implemented to allow you to pursue new goals.
  • During the pilot phase, this communications service will only be available to a limited number of people.


To take advantage of this coaching or to get more information, contact me directly by e-mail at hc.enixennoc@sereingaw.l and I will be delighted to discuss matters with you.

Laetitia Wagnières // Consultant, marketing and corporate communications specialist

I have supported management teams of SMEs and public and private bodies in their marketing and communications strategies, in the creation and production of their communications tools. Today this parallel approach allows me to provide support to each individual, tailored for his or her personal professional situation.

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